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Although the business has foothold globally, but the entire management strive to maintain our basic guidelines in day to day operation in order to maintain our supply, quality and business strategy.

Stated below are the “Work Guideline” that can be seen on all of our offices.
1. Grace Cup should control Farming Site directly.
2. Grace Cup Products should be Compost Grown by” Organic Bench ".
3. Grace Cup should grow without Herbicide.
4. Grace Cup Products should be guarded from harmful Insect by "Natural Repellent ".
5. Grace Cup Products should be our Variety.
6. Grace Cup Products should be our Quality.
7. Grace Cup should supply with continuously.
8. Grace Cup should supply to Grace Cup Network and should not give to any Middlemen.

The advantages of our quality management are:

1. Highest Quality & Good Price for Consumer.
2. Cost sharing among Several Sites.
3. Simplifies data collections on the Demand from Market
4. Securing Constant Supply is made much easier
5. Quality Control is simplified yet without any compromises
6. Easier to diffuse New Technology.
7. Easier to manage Cropping Schedule.
8. Secures a Stable Income for Grower.


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