Tomato is a good source of potassium, B- carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C. It is very low in calories.
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Many hours of research and much capital have been invested into our Product & Production Research and Development (R&D).

Grace cup’s unique and sophisticated farming innovations and product variety is a direct result of our extensive effort and particular interest in R&D.

We believe it’s only through Research and Development that Grace Cup could further step into a future of vast ventures and product offerings.

More and more research and development is being carried out in our R&D facilities to offer the consumer market much healthier and fresher varied products, because essentially Grace cup is for your health.

The geographical map shows illustrated locations of our R&D facilities.

Natural Repellants and Liquid Organic Fertilizers:
Developed in house based on plants’ essential oils.

Test Site in Bandung, Indonesia:
Plants essential oil applied as natural repellant on vegetables for pest control test.

Research Green House in Osaka, Japan: Variety of Strawberry Plants in Research

In house recipe of organic soil used for the preparation of “organic bench”

R&D Lab in Cameron Highlands: Development of better plant cultivation techniques and new products.

R&D Lab: The home of our R&D Specialist Team.

R&D Lab: Vegetable plants being stored and cultivated in our lab.


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